what s'wheat?

we are...

plastic-less, paper-less straws, made solely from wheat stems (a natural byproduct of agriculture wheat harvesting process)! Because plastic straws don’t belong in the environment, and paper straws – well, they don’t belong in your drink. We created s’wheat straws from the environment and for your drink to give you
the s’wheatest sip every time!

how s'wheat?

100% Natural

100% Biodegradable

100% Compostable

100% Gluten Free

and never goes soggy in your drink!

… so s’wheat!

why s'wheat?

s’wheat donates a percentage of all sales to non-profit organizations around the globe, working to make the environment cleaner and safer. We believe in business with a purpose,  and our purpose is to sustain the environment, one straw at a time.
Ain’t that s’wheat?

Let’s make things a bit s’wheater: